“My sister did not deserve death, I fasted, I prayed and I trusted God – Bamise Sister Cries Out

The sister of the 22-year-old lady, Oluwabamise Toyosi Ayanwole that was recently found dead days after boarding a BRT has cried out bitterly.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, the lady who couldn’t hold back her tears narrated the struggles of her sister and lamented over the premature termination of her life.

Bamise got missing while returning to Ota from Ajah on Saturday, February 26 after she boarded a BRT to Oshodi around 7 pm at Chevron bus stop. She was later found lying lifeless on the Carter Bridge by Ogogoro Community, Lagos Island.

Speaking to newsmen, she said:

“My sister did not deserve to die, she suffered a lot. She had always wanted to be a fashion designer and we all supported her. When school wasn’t working for her, we supported her. I personally supported her. She wasn’t supposed to die. In terms of hardship, in terms of hunger, the good and hard time, she had always been strong. “

“Everybody loves her. She was always accommodating. I don’t know why my sister had to go this way. She was supposed to sew me a maternity gown and that was the last time I saw her. I saw her two weeks ago and that was the last time. Bamise was not supposed to die. The Government was supposed to fight for her. She doesn’t deserve death. “

“My sister did not deserve death. I fasted, I prayed even in my condition di lei to make sure she is back safely and I trusted God and I trusted the Government but the Government put me to shame. They made me to realize this country doesn’t worth living. “

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