“Never Dress Like A Grandmother” – Pastor Faith Oyedepo Counsels Ladies

Bishop Faith Oyedepo, counseled her fellow women on issues pertaining to marriage, as she disclosed one of the many things they should never do when they are searching for the man they will settle down with.

The clergywoman who made such revelation during one of her church services, advised single ladies in the church to never dress like a grandmother when they are looking for their future husbands, adding that if they continue to dress in such manner then what will become of them when they get old.

Pastor Faith Oyedepo further called on single women, as she advised them to be very careful and cautious while searching for their future partners.

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The pastor however, never failed to advise single men, as she asked them to always trim their beards and keep themselves neat at all times, adding that they should stop dressing like grandfathers when they are still single.

Faith Oyedepo finally stated that single men and women should be smart and simple.

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