New Prophecy From Prophet Joshua Iginla

New Prophecy From Prophet Joshua Iginla
New Prophecy From Prophet Joshua Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla’s new prophecy

Prophecies are statements that God inspires. They are events that might occur in the lives of Christians and are made known by God’s servants. Anytime they are made public, all you have to do to make them a reality in your life is claim them in faith. In this context, Prophet Joshua Iginla, the founder and general overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, addressed the public via a Facebook post and revealed a brand-new prophecy.

New Prophecy From Prophet Joshua Iginla

He began by stating that someone who is lost, bewildered, and dissatisfied on his way to greatness is experiencing the rigmarole of destiny. Additionally, he claimed that anyone whose life is thrown about without a clear direction is dealing with a destiny rigmarole and may fall into the devil’s snare.

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He cited Ephesians 4:14 to support his arguments, which states that “we are no longer children, tossing and turning, carried about with every wind.” He continued by saying that brilliance is part of the reason you were born.

Despite this, he said that you would escape the rigmarole of fate. “You’ll do well,” he predicted. “You will not fall victim to the rigmarole of destiny, I command.” I invoke your glory in the name of Jesus. “He made a prophecy.”

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