No One Dies And Goes To Heaven, Heaven Is Not A Location – Pastor Abel Damina Reveals

One of the controversial pastors, Pastor Dr Abel Damina, the founder and senior pastor of Abel Damina Ministries and Power City International, said, nobody goes to heaven, right now, you are in heaven if you have Jesus in you.

Pastor Damina, in the video uploaded to his official Facebook account a few hours ago, emphasizes that the concept of heaven has been misrepresented by many men of God. He said when a man becomes born again, he is in heaven. according to him, no man dies and goes to heaven. He said heaven is not a location but a reality that comes when a man accepts Jesus Christ. He added that heaven is a control room for things happening on earth.

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He read Ephesians chapter one verse four, where the bible says God has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world… He said that is heavenly, and heavenly means a character that is not of this world but in Christ.

Pastor Damina continues by saying heavenly things are here for us now, according to him, being accepted by God is heavenly. Being adopted by Jesus is heavenly. He said it was never an after life experience, but an experience of heaven that is here now.

Pastor Damina concludes by reading Ephesians 1:20-23, where he interpreted that whatever is wrought in Christ is heavenly, and he said the fact that Christ dwells in us (believers, it means you are in heaven).

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He lastly said, heaven is not a goal. Heaven is not at last, but heaven is at first.

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