“Not Everybody is Going to be Convinced, And That is Okay” – Nollywood Actress Turned Singer Adesua Etomi Reveals How She Handles Naysers on Her New Career Path

Popular Nollywood star turned singer and Wife of Minister Bankole Wellington, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, in a recent interview disclosed about her transition into music and some of the challenges she has encountered so far.

The talented actress made her entry into the Nigerian music industry earlier in the year with her debut single, “So Natural,” and only a few months later, Adesua, who goes by the stage name Susu, dropped her EP, “Sue Me.”

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the mother of one spoke about the acceptance of her music and how she reacts to naysayers.

She said,

“Obviously it’s been half and half. Obviously there are people that appreciate the start of a new journey but I also understand that when people know you doing one thing, it’s kinda hard for them to open their minds to the fact that you’re trying to do something else.

“But all these things take time and I am patient enough to win over anybody that needs convincing, and guess what? Not everybody is going to be convinced and that’s okay too. Everybody is not for everybody.”

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