“Nothing annoys me like someone talking to me about gonorrhea” – Kenyan Gospel Artist Justina Syokau Cries Out After Being Accused of Spreading Gonorrhea

A Kenyan popular gospel singer Justina Syokau has cried out after being accused of spreading gonorrhea which has struck the country’s capital city, Nairobi. 

The singer took to Facebook Live to address the allegation that she’s spreading the S3xually Transmitted Infection (STI).

She expressed shock that people are claiming that she’s a super spreader.

She said; 

Let’s address this once and for all. Some people said I brought gonorrhea to Kenya or I brought this super gonorrhea. Let me know from the comment section as you understand and as you know. Tell me what is super gonorrhea, tell me what it is. Because I feel so angry I am very angry. I have never felt the way I am feeling.

“Those people who say I brought gonorrhea to Kenya, must share this broadcast to reach them. Tell me how I am spreading the gonorrhea and how I have become the blame of gonorrhea in Kenya. 

“Nothing annoys me like someone talking to me about gonorrhea, you know what gonorrhea is? Tell me what gonorrhea is, tell me it’s been found to come, why are people talking like that about my song. Somebody is talking about gonorrhea in my song. How can you say I sang and brought gonorrhea.

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