Nothing In This World Can Satisfy You, Not Even Material Things – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Reveals The Only Thing That Can Satisfy

Pastor Kingsley of David Christian Center Lagos put to his Instagram page today and started by asking if we have noticed nothing satisfies us for long. The pastor said no matter the amount of money you have there is another spirit in you that wants more. There is a vacuum in human heart that nothing else can feel and this is why no matter the blessings you have it can never sustain Joy.

Pastor Kingsley gave an example of an anxious lady who’s so excited of getting married, after the marriage she couldn’t get satisfaction and she ended up back to her parent’s house. He also gave instances where someone who has everything money can buy will still always want more because that is how the creation of man works. Always wanting more and more.

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The Clergy further said the only thing that can feel up the vacuum in the heart of man is being in a Relationship with God. Your relationship with Christ will make you Contented and be Fulfilled in Life.

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