On His Extra-Marital Affairs Saga, Sammy Okposo Revealed That The Experience Has Been Documented In A Book That Will Be Revealed Soon, He Also Shared Other Things

Celebrated gospel artiste, Sammy Okposo, has revisited the extra-marital affair he had in the United States, which resulted in a pregnancy.
He had openly confessed last year, sparking a lot of criticism and some rationalisation.

The lady involved – African Doll – had insisted she was not going to abort the pregnancy.
While Okposo explained his situation in a lengthy post in which she apologised to his wife, fans and others, he has again noted in a video that his slip harboured a lot of lessons for others to learn.

In an interview with YES INTERNATIONAL on YouTube, the musician said the issue involved went beyond being born again or claiming to be sexually incorruptible.
According to him, there is always much pressure from some fans, the type that a celebrity should foresee and tame before an error is committed.

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The best approach, he added, was to ensure that in any situation such a fan dreaming intimacy would be close to the star, he (or she) should ensure he has people around, instead of being alone with such a fan that could turn a foe.
“You may be born again, but your hormones are not born again,” Okposo said, adding that the challenging experience has been documented in a book he would soon release.

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