“One Big Error Brought to Christianity is That Believers Think Wealth Can be Gotten Through Miraculous Power And Not Work” – Pastor Poju Oyemade Reveals

Senior Pastor of covenant Christian center and the convener of the platform, Pastor Poju Oyemade has disclosed that one of the biggest error done to the Body of Christ is the belief created by wrong teaching that wealth can be generated through miraculous power and not work.

Pastor Poju Oyemade is also the host for many summits and seminars such as Faith Seminars, Singles’ Summits, Financial and Business Seminars.

He was called to ministry whilst he was still an undergraduate at the University of Lagos.

See what he tweeted;

“One of the biggest disservice to the Body of Christ was the belief created by wrong teaching that wealth can be generated through miraculous power and not work. Jesus did several miracles but these were healings and not circumventing labour in the market place.

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“There is a supernatural dimension as he gives power to get wealth but that power is contained in the teaching of statutes and laws which when applied in the market place will multiply the results of your input. It is in the opening of our minds to see better ways and thoughts

“The supernatural dimension is found in the direct action of the HolySpirit upon the minds of individuals that makes everything they lay their hands on prosper. Never in scripture was wealth built outside of productive labour. Paul taught in Acts 20 how he laboured.

“He spoke consistently about work, bread to eat. “He that will not work, let him not eat he said” Somewhere else he said “Let him that steal, steal no more but let him labour that he may have to give.” People were to have through their labour and God empowers that by his Spirit.”

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