One Day I Told The Holy Spirit “I Love You”, And I Received A Shocking Response – Apostle Johnson Suleman Reveals

According to Apostle Johnson Suleman from 8 minutes into the video: “By His grace, I have been preaching the Gospel for 34 years. The first time I heard of Pastor Benny Hinn was through one of his books about the Holy Ghost. He taught me what the Holy Spirit is. I never knew the Holy Spirit as a friend. He made me to understand that the Holy Spirit is an entity and not a human being (Ephesians 4:30).

“The Holy Spirit can be offended especially when He gives you an instruction but you chose to ignore it. There was a day I told the Holy Spirit, I love you but I was rebuked immediately. I asked why? He said you didn’t greet me in the morning, you didn’t greet me in the afternoon and you waited till evening before you greeted me. This is why you need to understand how the Holy Spirit operates. May you never offend the Holy Spirit!”

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