“One of my daughters came home and said her marriage was over, this was what I told her that restored her marriage” – Bishop David Oyedepo reveals

Bishop David Oyedepo while talking about Divine Wisdom, he said “Wisdom is a builder, not a breaker. Through wisdom is a house built, by understanding it is established. The wisdom of God stabilizes destiny. That will be your portion from now. If you don’t have wisdom you are limited. Through wisdom kings reign, so it is the covenant key to enthronement. The wisdom of God is the raw material that enthrones. Therefore be enthroned in various areas of endeavour.”

He then said that no one has it, everybody demands for it. Do you lack wisdom? ask from God. He then revealed what happened when one of his daughters told him that her marriage is over. He said, “One of our daughters from Zaria came home and said her marriage was over.

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I said do you want the marriage to be over? Do you want to be farming cassava with your mother in the village? So I gave her one recipe as inspired by God, get back to Zaria wherever you see your husband fall on His neck. Two hours later, they called me. Marriage restored. Their honeymoon began.”

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