One pastor raised a prayer point for God’s intervention to save the life of my wife and I stopped him – Bishop Oyedepo reveals why

It is no secret that a couple of years back, the wife of the general overseer of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, went through a serious health challenge that could have taken her life. After she recovered from it, she gave an account of her experience, and the miracle of her deliverance in a book she wrote, Rescued From Destruction.

In the Covenant Hour of Prayer meeting today, Bishop David Oyedepo revealed why he did not allow a pastor to pray for his wife, during her health challenge. He made this revelation as he closed the meeting.

He said that during a prayer session for the pastors, one pastor decided to raise a prayer point for God’s intervention to save the life of the Bishop’s wife, but the Bishop stopped him before he could start. The Bishop said his reason for stopping the pastor, was because there were better things for him to pray for.

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According to him, for the program they were preparing for, people would have shown up sick, unsaved, poor or under some kind of demonic oppression. He believed that they would need prayers more than his wife.

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