“One pastor said Don’t do Yahoo plus but you can do Yahoo minus” – Pastor Wisdom Irabor Advises Young Boys Against Engaging in Fraudulent Practice

The Presiding Bishop of Answers Assembly, Warri, Delta State, Bishop Irabor Wisdom while preaching to his congregation revealed how a pastor advise boys to not do Yahoo plus, but can do yahoo minus.

He therefore said that whether plus or minus, none of them is good as it is ungodly and causes harm and danger to the victim

See what he said,

One pastor said Don’t do Yahoo plus but you can do Yahoo minus. Yahoo plus or Yahoo minus is hellfire. Whether it is plus or minus. He said you can do Yahoo but don’t do Plus. Plus is ritual. 

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The one that you do, what is it? You collect somebody’s money and the person runs mad, you think you will be normal? Somebody Dey somewhere wan commit suicide because she pay all her money to somebody wey talk say he go marry am, he no come marry her. As long as that person is not normal, you can’t be normal o.

What I’ve just said now can affect my income, affect church income, e no concern me. E no concern me. (If you like) Say I no go tithe again, I no give offering again, I no go do am again, e no concern me. I go survive.

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Why will you die for me to live? Why will you die for your family to survive? If death is sweet make everybody go die by theirselves. 

You don do am one year, 2 years, you tell God say when you do am reach a certain time, you go stop. You go come invest. You don do 20 years anniversary, you never invest. Continue!

You say God when I do am 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, I go stop. Only you don do 20 years, you never stop! Stop am o before the thing stop you! One day e go stop you!

Even when you don invest, that your invest na still side hustle. That your invest na Plan B, Plan C. The Plan A is still this one(yahoo). Continue, continue!

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On the last day I go tell God say I tell am o, he no gree. He no hear o, so I just leave am. And if I talk am too much, he go go one church wey dem no dey talk this thing. 

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