Osinachi’s Death: Her Music Was Expressive Of Her Hidden Pains – Patience Ozokwor Says

Patience Ozokwo, actress, says Osinachi Nwachukwu’s music was expressive of her hidden pains.

Ozokwo, during an interview with Wazobia FM in Lagos, spoke of marriage, women, and domestic violence.

Osinachi was alleged to have been a silent victim of domestic assault from Peter, her now-embattled husband.

Peter was earlier arrested after Osinachi’s death was attributed to physical abuse.

The singer was initially thought to have died of throat cancer.

But associates claim it may be connected to an assault by her husband, who is being investigated by the police.

Ozokwo said Osinachi’s troubled marriage pushed her to hold onto her Christian faith, rather than speak up.

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The actress cited this as the reason her songs often come across as emotional.

“The problem with women is they’ll be so overburdened, yet, be scared to speak up. If you’re a man who can listen to them and you’re informed, people would start asking if she’s now dating the man,” Ozokwo said.

“They’ll make speculations that suggest her closeness to the man is the reason she’s being assaulted.

“When Osinachi’s own happened, some said she was dating Frank Edward. They said these things. I was bothered.

“If this woman spoke out, she wouldn’t be dead now. But what was going on in her life made her sink deeper into her relationship with God.

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“There was no how her songs wouldn’t touch you deeply when you listen to them. People didn’t know it’s the pain she suppressed in her heart she poured into the song.”

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  1. Patience Ozokwo’s commentary is spot on. Most creative artist express their pain through their craft. For the observant like ozokwo, she can see through the facade of all the religiosity that permeate our society. It’s time for people to think for themselves. Examine the scriptures for yourself. Stop following those wolf in sheep clothing religious leaders.

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