Painful! – Pastor Jadiel Reveals How He Lost His Wife And Kids The Night He Prayed For Them

Pastor Jadiel is a man living in pain and agony after he lost his wife and three children in a house fire. What hurts him the most is how his son vividly remembers how he escaped death and watched as his siblings screamed asking for help before they died.

Jadiel had just met a beautiful lady, and he was ready to settle down. The two got married in church, and they were ready to start a family. Down the line the couple were blessed with five beautiful children. Three boys and two girls.

Jadiel said that he was going on with his normal routine when he was invited for a church seminar in the next town, he packed a few clothes and off he went. That night Jadiel called his wife and the two had a conversation. His wife talked about how she missed him, and she couldn’t wait to see him again and spent time with him. He even promised to buy her a present on his way home.

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Jadiel was so excited with the conversation and promised to come home once the seminar was over. Jadiel also had a prayer session with his family on phone as they bid him goodnight. Hardly did he know that this was the last time he would talk with his wife.

The following morning at around 5am Jadiel received a phone call from his nephew who asked him to come home immediately as he tried to know why he received another phone call from a pastor who told him to meet him in town, and he would offer him a lift home.

According to Jadiel he packed up and left the seminar that morning and went to town where he met the pastor and that’s when he was told that his wife and three of his children had die in a fire at home.

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