Pastor Abel Damina finally reacts to some online reactions that claim he is an agent of darkness due to his sermons

The General Overseer of Abel Damina Ministry, Pastor Dr. Abel Damina while speaking on the topic captured “Why Things Happen The Way They Happen On Earth Part 17”, finally reacted to some online reactions that claim he is an agent of darkness due to his sermons.

According to Pastor Dr. Abel Damina from 56 minutes into the video: “The truth of the Word of God is whenever you find the manifestation of Satan, know that the Word of God is going there. Satan is seeing through the activities that oppose the Word of God.

“Many people have being saying they don’t like my teachings, some say I am teaching heresy and most reactions say that I am an agent of darkness. I think today is the best day for me to address the issue because of our topic.

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“The truth is, the more I know that there are people who don’t like me, than the more I know that I am doing something. If I am not doing something, nobody will even mind me and nobody will think about me. But the moment when some people go to Radio to discredit what I am doing, it is a sign that what I am doing is mega, it is a sign that the impact is entering.

“They are opposing me because what I am saying is beginning to touch them. The only way they can resist it is fighting back but inside them, they know what I am saying is the truth. So opposition is an indication that you are doing something right. I don’t feel bad at all because God is the final Judge”.

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