Pastor Abel Damina Tells members that the statement, “God Is a Jealous God” Is Not True, This Is What He Says

The controversial Nigerian Televangelist who is the Founder & General Overseer of Abel Damina Ministry, Pastor Dr. Abel Damina in a video on YouTube minutes ago, told his members that the statement, “God is a jealous God” is not true. The pastor while charging them not to use that statement again, gave his reason for saying so.

Pastor Abel Damina: “This is an important question that deserves an urgent answer. Let the record be set straight first. Is God truly jealous as the Book of Exodus 20 said? The answer is no. This is because jealousy is a work of the flesh. God is not man that He will engage Himself in fleshy works.

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“Jealousy is not love, God is love. Those days they used that word ‘jealousy’ because of the level of vocabulary available at that time. Today, English language has increased and that statement means God loves us unconditionally that He protects us with all his might”.

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