Pastor Adeboye Reveals The Remarkable Thing That happened in an Islamic country when they needed a place to plant their church

Pastor E.A Adeboye while preaching, revealed what happened in an Islamic country when they needed a place to plant their church. He said he wasn’t going to release the name of the Islamic Country but it is not easy to get a place to rent there. 

However, a man was watching the television, and just by accident, he just happened to be watching their television. Somehow, he made contact; and he is a very important man in the country. And he said to us, “come and start your Church in my house.”

According to the man of God, he has a very large conference room where he receives visitors which looks like a dinner room. He said, “Start using that. 

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When you fill that place up, my backyard is there; you can use it.” However, his wife said to him, “what are you doing?” He said, “it is my house.” The wife said, “what are you talking about? You are such an important man in the country.” 

He said to the wife, “you oppose these people, I will divorce you.”

The cleric then said that that is not normal but that is what a covenant can do. So when the children of Israel were leaving Egypt, they did not leave empty-handed. The Bible said they spoiled the Egyptians. There was a massive wealth transfer.

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