Pastor Adeboye tells his congregation a story of what happened to a young man who gave him 50 kobo many years ago

Enoch Adeboye a popular Nigerian Pastor and General Overseer of Redeem Christian Church Of God (RCCG), in a video recently shared on YouTube, told his congregation a story of what happened to a young man who gave him 50 kobo many years ago.

According to the cleric, in 1981 during his first year as General Overseer of RCCG, he visited a Redeem Church in Ilesa, Osun State to minister. He said after the service he stood outside the Church building waiting for his driver when he saw a young man who kept prostrating and standing up while approaching him

“When the man got to where I was standing, he dipped something in my pocket and ran away. I called him back when I discovered that what he put into my pocket was 50 kobo and I asked him to explain his actions

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“Explaining his actions the man said he would feel bad if he didn’t bless the General Overseer of his Church in his own little way, and he ran away after giving me 50 Kobo because he was ashamed that it was too little but that was all he had,” Pastor Adeboye said.

Pastor Adeboye also said he was deeply touched by what the man did and he promised the man that he would personally spend the 50 kobo, which at that time could buy some oranges, and from the bottom of his heart he told the man that God will bless him before he left

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Pastor Adeboye further revealed that a year after his first encounter with the young man, he met him again at the same Church and the man went on to tell him how God changed his story for good. Pastor Adeboye said the man told him that last year when they met, he was a jobless teacher, however, after their encounter he started organizing classes for children, and the children he taught excelled so well that in a short time many children registered for his classes and he built a school

At the end of his story, Pastor Adeboye said “From the bottom of my heart, God bless you”

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