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Pastor backs another man’s wife in the name of being led by the spirit to prophecy

Posted by on June 27, 2020 — Drop A Comment

Pastor backs another man’s wife in the name of being led by the spirit to prophecy.

See the photos below:

Before you know it now. A lot of women are always willing victims. Pentecostal. and Charismatic movement is a sweet move of God’s Spirit; but in Africa (Nigeria) it is always abused and bastardized!

Nigerians, tell me, from the above photos, among these men, who is the anti-christ? is it the one who tells you not to allow your pastor to disgrace your wife or he girlfriend in public, or the one who actually disgrace your wife and your girlfriend in public. 

This is not about judging anyone but see it for yourself, if is OK by you for a pastor carrying your wife in the name of miracle, than I don’t have problem with that but if not please go for the truth it will help you and your generation.

Single older ladies especially are big market for false prophets. So here is my letter to single ladies.

Sisters, being single is not a spiritual problem. Let me shock you. Do you know that Jesus was surrounded by older single ladies? Mary Magdalene, Martha etc were all single ladies. 

Not once did he pray for them to get married. Not once did he cast out spiritual husbands from them.

Not once did he make them feel less for been single. Because Jesus knew that marriage is not spiritual.

Desiring to get married is beautiful. It’s a desire to be committed in a relationship. But don’t become so desperate to get married that you start running after false prophets.

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No uncle in the village is stopping you from getting married. You just haven’t met a man who is serious enough to stand with you against all odds.

Some of you have also been dating boys. Boys hate commitment. Boys don’t get married. Marriage is for men. A male can be 45 years old but still a boy. I always say that I became a man when my mates were still boys. Manhood is a function of the mind, not age. 

You can’t be dating a spiritual son to a papa, who can’t make his own decisions and expect to make a husband out of a slave. As far as you date boys and religious slaves, you will never get married. Take this to the bank.

Who is a boy? A male who is excited about sex but scared about responsibilities. A boy is anyone whose decisions are controlled by another man. 

Who is a man? A man is a male who discusses responsibilities, makes his own decisions, plans the future, excited about building a home with you and yet still good in bed.

Do you want to get married? Check who you are dating. You can’t date a boy and marry a man. If you are dating a papa’s son, you better be loved by the papa, because if your guy’s spiritual papa tells him to leave you, he will cast you out of his life like a demon.

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