Pastor D.K Olukoya Highlights The benefits Of Being Alone With God

Pastor D.K Olukoya Highlights The benefits Of Being Alone With God

The act of quietness is one, where an individual maintains the mood and mode of silence. In this wise, it is towards God. Maintaining the sate of silence before God requires a conscious and concentrated state of mind, where an individual is fully dedicated to the conversation that ensues between an individual and the personality that cannot be seen in God. Conversing with an invisible being requires having the proper knowledge of how it takes and what it takes to get connected to such somewhat abstract and unseen idea, in which your faith and belief is the major tool of connection.

In communicating with God, your perfect silence is needed as much as your undivided attention. It is always very difficult for an average man to be at rest during the day time. The various activities that a man is always being involved with everyday has made God in his power to devise another way in reaching out to man, which would be without divided attention. This the Lord has fixed in the night hours. The night is the time set primarily for men’s rest. So also, God has made this honourable period to be the exact time He talks and instructs men. This is confirmed in the book of Job 33:13-26. Now, when it comes to the turn of man to reach out to God, it must also be in silence. In undistracted concentration, as God does, when he reaches out to all men at night.

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Speaking on the act of being alone with God and the various benefits accrued to it, Dr DK Olukoya of the Mountain of Fire And Miracles Ministries asserts on the requirements and the hindrances to a smooth relationship with God, that is derived from being alone with Him, consecrately.

What to do in order to activate a proper concentration in being alone with God:

1. Determination:

You must be determined. Being connected to God as a believer requires you being a person that has concluded in his/her heart to totally follow the directions of God, to the fulfilment of His will. Being determined involves being ready to fulfil everything that has to do with obeying the words of the Bible and being practically disciplined in every of your activities.

2. Avoid Distractions:

Distractions hinders spiritual growth, and moves people away from God. There are several things that could serve as distractions; Pleasure of life, useless friends, computer, video games, mobile phones, music and so on. You must do everything possible that you have been disciplined enough to master the act of contentment and moderation in regards to dealing with all the above listed essential things.

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3. Plan to have personal spiritual revival in solitary places alone:

As much as once or twice in a month, plan to get away into some solitary places to be alone with God. This is in form of personal revival in fasting and prayers. The activities of the world has all been hinged on stressful routines that must be fulfilled. The requirements of making ends meet in the present 21st century has made things very demanding if not difficult, in order to make ends meet and achieve success. In order to be duly updated with God, and to be connected to Him at all times, personal revival is essential and very important.

4. Seek spiritually matured mentors:

It is always very advantageous for a believer to have mentors who are more matured than him/her spiritually. This would enable him/her tap into the styles of spiritual exercises, that could also be beneficial severally. Being Alone with God requires a devoted attention, that could be mastered. The more you do it, the more you master how the activities that requires in getting the good attention of the holy spirit in your spiritual life in connecting you to God properly for answer to prayers.

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Benefits of spending time alone with God:

1. You would master time management and you would also be productive in the way you go about your daily activities, since your time before God would be planned. In this, the holy spirit in turns helps in getting your time and activities properly managed and organized.

2. God would strengthen you and give you divine energy to go about your spiritual life with physical manifestation. Your weakness would be transformed to strength in God.

3. God would enhanced your spiritual sense. You would start to experience spiritual clarity. The revelations you would start to receive from God would be comprehensive and clear for your proper understanding.

4. Your ways would be divinely directed. Through the help of the holy spirit, God would fulfil His word in your life as promised in Psalm 32:8 and Isaiah 42:16, all tailored on God’s direction and proper monitoring of His elects.

The life of a believer who constantly take time to be alone with God in prayers and spiritual empowerment is always organized with lots of blessings and victories to back it up.

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