Pastor David Ibiyeomie Narrates The Terrible Thing That Befell Two Pastors That Said He Wasn’t Working With The Power Of God


Pastor David Ibiyeomie while preaching, told a very touching story that happened last week. He said, “Last week, a man of God came to me and said, “Sir, in 2013 and 2014 a man of God said to me, that you (David Ibiyeomie) are not working with the power of God and woke me up. He said that God spoke that this man (David Ibiyeomie) is using other means to do miracles and he agreed with the person. 

Then from that moment, he agreed with the person, and calamities began to befall the two of them. They lost 2 people in one week and God said to the man of God sharing the story, ‘go and tell him you are wrong.’ Since that time he has not had peace. 

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He (David Ibiyeomie) then said, “well, I don’t know; it is you that know.” He begged for forgiveness and he said, “I didn’t know so there’s no point; I am not holding anything against you already. “

According to the cleric, because they mocked the act of God, God struck. “I don’t know who is mocking what God is doing in your life, God will strike now. There are people even in this Church who don’t believe that what God is doing here is real. 

They say, “don’t mind all these things they are teaching; all those things they are talking about are rubbish.” You can’t mock the works of God and not end up a mocker,” he said.

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