Pastor David Ibiyeomie revealed How women defiled him in his dreams

Prosperity preacher, Pastor David Ibiyeomie Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, has revealed how women used to defile him in dreams and how he overcame.

The founder of Salvation Ministries said he was delivered from constant defilement by women in his dreams until he gave his life to Christ.

He said some spiritual powers used to take the face of women to defile him in dreams.

“Now, let me say this to you very simple when I became born again, I had a deep understanding, the tension was so real, I was delivered from the constant defilement you know some of you still suffer it today, where somebody will take a face of the opposite sex and defile you in the dream.

“Now I used to suffer such constantly but when I became born again in less than two weeks that I became born again I picked a book by my mentor Bishop David Oyedepo and I was reading the book from Port Harcourt to Lagos by road I was traveling by road.

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“That was the first book of his I ever read “Releasing The Supernatural” that was the title, while I was reading the book I saw that I was seated far above principalities and powers; nobody prayed for me, I just got the understanding, that being born again means that you are seated far above, that was the last day I had that problem, nobody laid hands on me, nobody prayed for me, just by knowledge,” Ibiyeomie said in a transcription by Church Gist.

Ibiyeomie also revealed that during the pandemic, with the attendant lockdown, his church was able to increase salaries of workers.

In his words: “it is not real, it was in the midst of pandemic when people were crashing that this Church had the highest income, the income of this Church grew by 100s up, that is when we are saying businesses closed; ask our staff.

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“It was during the Economic thing all our staff salaries were increased, we increased the salaries of our workers; when people were cutting salaries, we didn’t stop paying our teachers, other schools were closed, they didn’t pay but we paid our school teachers that period.

“We didn’t stop paying them, even though children were not in school, you think the Bible is not real? We didn’t stop paying our staff while most schools were cutting, even oil Companies cut by 50 per cent; we didn’t cut any salary, we didn’t cut allowances of staff, hello! Can you hearing me?

“If you think Bible is not real, the income of this Church grew, attendance grew we had more than 60 thousand people in the Foundation class in one month, hello do you believe this Bible? It is what you believe that God will confirm, when there was economic hardship, it didn’t affect us, okay to tell you how this Bible is real nobody was coming to physical Church true?”

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