Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals Mystery On Why God Instructed Men To Take Good Care Of Their Wife

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries spoke on “Wisdom For Financial Abundance” at Salvation Ministries Home of Success.

According to Church Gist, he revealed that some men lack integrity, he has money yet he will be crying to his own wife, “my wife you know I don’t have money”. He’s lying to his own wife and instead of putting his hand in his pocket and giving her money to buy what she wants, he gives her excuses. He’d say, “my wife I would have bought you this dress but you know I don’t have.” According to the man of God, any man who lies and cannot give his wife money, you’re a demon, you have satanic oppression. She dropped her father’s name to answer your name, that is the first thing she did yet you cannot give her something, you have a problem.

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Do you know why God said go take care of your wife? He said that it is because she dropped her father’s name to bear your name and you shouldn’t be struggling to give her something. Speaking to the women, he said that the last time he gave you money, hope you didn’t come with stories. “He gave you a fitting amount of money, so don’t use it for another purpose,” he said. Any wise man will give his wife feeding money and pocket money as the two must not be together. He claimed that any man who is not stingy will give his wife feeding money and pocket money separately.

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“You too as the wife, you must have integrity. Use feeding money for feeding, and don’t it to make your hair, it is a lack of integrity. Also, don’t use feeding money to buy clothes,” he said. According to him, if there is some money left after feeding, give it to the man and say this is the money, he will tell you don’t bother, you can have it. He said that a good man will tell you to keep it; it is okay, use it for anything you like. Let’s walk in financial integrity.

Finally, he said that people are not honest when it comes to money. The world is looking for men of integrity. Change your character.

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