Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals This Bad Traditional Belief That Should Be Abolished

The Founder and General Overseer of Salvation Ministry, Pastor David Ibiyeomie while revealing the reasons why many people have low expectation in life, named a traditional belief system that should be abolished.

According to the pastor, life is all about expectation and what you expect is what you get. Among other reasons why some people experience low expectation in life is because of some tradition and misconception (Mark 7:8a -10,13).

According to Pastor David Ibiyeomie from the video: “Many people are suffering from low expectation due to some traditional beliefs which usually oppose the word of God. Do you know that there are people who when they have a male child, they dance. But when they have a female child, they don’t thank God.

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“They belief a female is nothing in the society. This system places high value on males than females which is very wrong today. If you go to some families, some females are the ones financing everything. Most times, it is the females that take care of their parents when they get old because the men will be so busy with their wives and children. Let’s abolish such practice because females are very vital in the society”.

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