Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals What Poverty Does To A Man

Pastor David Ibiyeomie the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries spoke on “Faith For Abundance” at Salvation Ministries Home of Success.

He disclosed that abundance is God’s will for you. It gives God pleasure when you prosper and it pains him when you live in poverty. He delights in your prosperity and does not delight in your poverty. “So, I decree poverty to come to an end in your life,” he prayed. He said that God did not come that you may endure life, he said you will enjoy life. Life is for enjoyment, it’s not for endorsement.

He said he came that you may have it till overflow, do you know what is overflow? You will have it to bless other people, not the one somebody comes to you and says I want to eat and you say God bless you. Somebody said to you I am hungry; it will overflow means you will give them what to eat. He said that poverty makes you stingy. You will be telling people ‘God bless you,’ instead of giving them what to eat.

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“The earlier I discover truths for myself the better,” he said. In Matthew 16:19, Jesus Christ said that “I give unto you keys’ and He refers to the Keys as the Keys of knowledge. when he was talking to the Pharisees, he said you have taken the key of knowledge. So, the key here represents the knowledge of God’s Word. You can be free and exempted from the evils if you know what to do.

Finally, he said that your prosperity is up to you not to God, God does not determine how you prosper. It’s up to you. 3rd John 1:2. Everything here is your responsibility.

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