Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals Why He Does Not Allow Members Carry Their Mat When They Come For Vigil

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries has revealed why they don’t have Night Vigils again, because of space but when they go to the cathedral, they will begin all night again. “Don’t think that we don’t have all night because where will you keep the people? If we have all night today in Salvation Ministries in all our churches, you will kill people,” he said.

He said that it will only be possible if they can be carrying themselves like the Atilogwu dancers (an Igbo dance). There’s a dance in Igbo land that they call, ‘Atilogwu’ they stand on another’s shoulder. Each one will stand on somebody’s shoulder except the one sitting down. You sit down, somebody will now sit on your shoulder. 

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So, 5 services times the number of persons for one all night. “All our churches will be having 5 people, the first service will sit first, the second service will sit, third service will sit on top, (laughs) they will do gymnastics with it, and then, throw each one. That’s the reason we stop all night not that we don’t have all night,” he said.

Finally, he revealed that the reason why he does not allow his members to carry mat and foams to night vigils is because they’re not going there to sleep. He said, “Also, some of you carry mat when they are coming for all night. When some people come for all night, they carry mats and foams. I say, this is not all night this is all sleep.”

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