Pastor David Ibiyeomie Reveals Why He Says That Believers Who Do Not Have Love For The Dying World Are Practicing Fake Christianity

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder and senior pastor of Salvation Ministries disclosed to his members that there is always someone close around them that needs salvation. 

They don’t need to go far. Andrew went for Peter, Philip went for Nathanael, and who are you going for? Each of them went for someone very close to them and brought the person to Jesus. 

Will you watch your brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, who are not born again go to hell without you being touched with compassion? Is that Christianity? Each of them that met Jesus, they were after the closest person to them. They said I’ve seen something good, you too come and see it.

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He then revealed that Christianity that does not have love for the dying world is fake. Many of us have not found out the reason for which we were saved. “Let me say this to you: You are not saved primarily to have material things; you are not saved just to be healed, you are saved primarily to save others. We must all be soul winners because that is the heartbeat of Jesus,” he said.

Speaking further, he said that if you don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. Churches are heavenly embassies and if those embassies stop functioning, they start dying. A Church is established as an embassy to represent Heaven.

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The moment the purpose of Heaven is no longer carried out, that Church will die because they are the embassies of Heaven. And in the embassy, there are ambassadors who represents them. So when you stop doing your ambassadorial assignment, you are finished. Shout hallelujah!

He then said that our primary assignment as ambassadors is Soul winning otherwise your embassy is useless. Any Church that stops soul winning is not qualified to exist. Check every Church that keeps growing as revived, soul winning is the bottom line. 

When soul winning stops, give that Church time it will go into extinction because they are no longer relevant to Heaven. When a Christian stops winning souls you are not relevant to God. He demotes you as an ambassador. Church Gist. Proverbs 13:17.

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Finally, he said that no matter who prays for you, you will never enjoy sound health if you are not a soul winner. Stop soul winning, you will be getting sick every day. I know you know that health is very important; if you think it’s not important, find out those who have been sick. So you don’t pray for health, you win souls to stay in sound health.

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