Pastor E.A Adeboye Narrates How Everyone Fled And Left Him Alone When He Went To Remove Idol From A Man’s House

Pastor E. A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God spoke to his members on COMPLETE IN JESUS at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Special Holy Ghost service, July Edition, 1st July 2022, Day 2. During his sermon, he told the story of the encounter between him and the Kaka, an Occultic man.

There was a man in his Village, his name was Kaka, he was a top occultic man world that he single-handedly protects the town from anybody or thieves. Then they went to start the Church there and the place they found was next to the house of Kaka. So, while they were singing, he was listening, he didn’t leave his house but he was hearing everything. When the preaching was going on, he was listening, by the time the altar call was made, Kaka came forward and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

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So, Kaka came to his father in the Lord and said, “the way you spoke about your God he must be very powerful” and Papa confirmed it. He then said that since he has given his life to Jesus, he needs help. “I have an idol in my house (It’s called Shigidi in Yoruba), it’s an effigy.” He said he inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his father but he no longer wants it and “I don’t think I can sleep in the same house with that thing anymore.” He urged Papa to do something about it.

Papa then agreed and sent him (Pastor Adeboye) to go get rid of it. Kaka was very surprised at that decision because he knows how powerful the Idol is. So he went to the Church in Ilesa and told the Pastor, “I have been sent on an errand to remove something in the house of Kaka will you come along with me?” 

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He agree and they went alongside others. When they got to Kaka’s house, he opened the door as they were singing, “We are more than conquerors in Jesus’ name.” By the time they saw the idol, everyone fled and left him alone there.

According to him, he picked the Effigy, brought it out, and had to break it before it could enter into the boot of his Toyota Crown, the old one which had a large boot. He took everything to the river and threw it in, bled the Blood of the Lamb and came back.

About 3 weeks later he returned to Ifewara and branched at Kaka’s house. When he saw me, he was surprised to still see him alive. “That was 1975 and I’m still alive today,” he said.

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Finally, he said, “I want you to lift your hands to the highest God and say in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I will never be afraid again. You’re going to make another prophecy and make it with all your heart and say in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I will not die before my time.”

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