Pastor E.A Adeboye Reveals How His Two Disciples Converted A Deadly Chief Priest Of A Popular Town

The special Holy Ghost Service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God continues today 5th March 2022, with the anointing and holy communion services. The General Overseer of the ministry, Pastor EA Adeboye in his sermon during the service teaches on the aspect of the joy of the Lord, which gives believers the power to operate and prevail over the principalities of the wicked. This same power is it that enables every believer to perform wonders during evangelism.

In respect of this, the cleric narrates a particular experience that involved some of his disciples so many years back. He had taught the young men the power of God and the ability to prevail over the power of darkness through the Holy Spirit. He had trained and prepared them to face challenges and be rest assured of the move of God, whenever they go out for evangelism. The holy spirit empowers believers to take authority over every power and principality of the darkness of this world fuelled by Satan. According to the cleric, the Bible in Mark 6:16-18, affirms the believer’s authority and the ability to heal the sick and turn around every bad situation to good ones. This the young men had believed and the cleric sent them out in twos, as Jesus Christ did to his disciples.

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Some of these disciples came to a particular town in the southwestern part of the nation that is well renowned for traditional beliefs and started to preach from one house to another. The young men got to the house of the chief priest of the town and unknowingly, started to preach Jesus Christ to him. The old man allowed them to finish with their message of Jesus Christ before he introduced himself to them.

The witch doctor told them bluntly that, he had spared them because he saw that they were young men. If not, he would have invoked some spells that would have affected them negatively. According to Pastor Adeboye, the young men laughed and to the surprise of the witch doctor, they were not afraid of him nor his charm infested house. They then asked him if at all there are any situations he found very difficult to solve despite his proclaimed power. The doctor told the young evangelists that, he had a spiritual problem that he had failed to solve over the years.

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The witch doctor was empowered by the witches in the town hence, they always come to him to receive their covenanted paybacks. The only means by which they receive the payment of the power they gave him was through his wives. He had been married to several wives but, whenever they get pregnant, they had bled to death. The present wife she had was pregnant and had already started to bleed when the young men visited the town and brought the salvation message of Jesus Christ to him in his house. The evangelists prayed for his pregnant wife and left.

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As narrated by Pastor EA Adeboye, the men had not gone very far when the witch doctor ran after them to inform them that, his wife had been healed. She has stopped bleeding. That was how the man got converted to Jesus Christ. Through the miracle of healing that was performed by the young evangelists, the Chief priest of the town was convinced of the power of Jesus Christ and its supremacy over every other power as affirmed in Philippians 2:9-11.

The power of the Lord Jesus Christ can save and heal every form of disease and infirmity. It is an absolute power hence, every believer that hinges on the power of Jesus and works towards its actualization in their lives always do wonders and prevail over the power and principalities of the wicked.

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