Pastor Enoch Adeboye While Giving A Sermon, Disclose Why Didn’t Visit His Hometown For 13 Years

There are some things you won’t understand if you don’t consistently read your Bible. You will be under bondage for years and until you return to your Bible, the devil will not release you. For example, you won’t understand the efficacy and the power in the name of Jesus if you don’t read your Bible. The devil will put fear inside of you and until you mention the name of Jesus, he won’t release you.

However, NDEPO TV posted a sermon of Pastor Enoch Adeboye where he told a story of what happened after he became born again. He said that after he gave his life to Christ, he didn’t visit his hometown for thirteen years for fear of being killed by witches and wizards until he got a revelation in God’s word that Jesus said all power in heaven and on earth belongs to Him. If he hadn’t read his Bible, he wouldn’t have gotten the revelation and he would have been under bondage.

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However, that was his deliverance. He said that today, whenever he wants to visit his hometown, he informs them months ahead so they can plan any of their gimmicks. By the time he gets there to preach the gospel, they surrender to Jesus. The devil is not someone to be feared and unfortunately, these days, movies and series, especially the horror ones, have portrayed the devil as a very powerful being. This mindset has eroded his true state in the lives of many believers.

According to the cleric, the devil is neither God’s vice nor second-in-command. So as a true child of God, you are more powerful than the enemy because the same power that raised Jesus from death is at work in you. You have the power to resist the devil because God has given you authority over him, his demons, and their schemes.

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Finally, it is when you read the word of God that you will understand that the devil is not to be feared, tolerated, accommodated, served, loved, advertised, or associated with. He is very cunning and will do all it takes to bring a believer down, therefore, you must always be alert and constantly resist him in your thoughts, words, dreams, and even physically.

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