Pastor Funke Adejumo Gives Strong Advice To Ladies Who Lost Their Virginity Before Marriage

We are humans and we are not perfect, so when we make mistakes, we should not always blame ourselves for it, and even if we do we just have to move on. Women especially make some mistakes and it affects their self-esteem. If someone close to them does things to them mistakenly, they find it difficult to forgive. However, Pastor Funke Adejumo advises women not to kill themselves whenever they make a mistake.

in the Video, she said that she tries by the grace of God to live a holy and righteous life but each time she makes a mistake, it reminds her that she is human and we are not perfect. You have to just forgive yourself and move on. She said that a lot of homes are in problem today because the woman cannot forgive the man. Some women even keep remembering the anniversary of the mistake that their husband made and they keep reminding him every year and hurting themselves. “In my village, they often say that if you don’t forgive the matter of yesterday, you won’t have anyone to lay with tomorrow. My dear, please forgive,’ she said.

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According to her, if the devil tells you that the reason why you don’t have a child is that you aborted, you shouldn’t let that disturb you. “Tell the devil to shut up, because God does not consult my past to determine my future,” she said. If you are married to a virgin, it is a privilege for you but some people lost their virginity not because they wanted to lose it, so it does not make them small or inferior. According to her, the devil does not need to keep on hammering on your sin and keep pulling it out from under the Blood’s cover.

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Finally, she advised that you get the necessary self-confidence and don’t allow the devil to tamper with how you feel. “Face it and don’t give up on yourself yet because no one knows where God is taking you too,” she said

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