Pastor Ibiyeomie Tells You Where Your Mind Has to Be Before God Can Change Your Life.

The position your mind must be in before God can transform your life is something that Pastor Ibiyeomie reveals in this message.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, a prominent Nigerian clergyman, televangelist, scripture teacher, and founder and general overseer of Salvation Ministries (also known as Home of Success), has disclosed the mental state God requires before bringing about lasting change in a person’s life.

Reverend Ibiyeomie made the announcement on his verified Twitter account.

The minister said, “God can’t change your life if you don’t improve your thinking.”

Pastor Ibiyeomie says that if you want to succeed in life, you need to work with God and put in the mental effort to get better.

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Pastor Ibiyeomie said, “Partner with God for your prosperity via improving intellect.”

The minister continued by saying that when you work with God, your efforts would be focused on improving your life.

Pastor Ibiyeomie advised, “When you do this, your energy will become channeled towards upgrading your life.”

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