Pastor Joel Osteen – Breaking Negative Cycles (Video)

Lakewood Church head pastor Joel Osteen delivers a message titled “Breaking Negative Cycles” 

Most of the things we struggle with didn’t start with us, they’ve been passed in our family line. We don’t get to choose our battle, we didn’t get to pick what we have to deal with. 

Just like our parent DNA that determine our hair, eye color, we also inherit attitudes, habits and behavior from our family.

Research has showed how depression, anger, low self-esteem, addictions can be passed down, the bible called this iniquity that means a hereditary weakness.  

It will continue to go from generation to generation until someone rises up and says “i’m going to break this negative cycle”, it didn’t start with you, the good news is it can end with you , you can be the one to effects generations to come. You can make it easier on your children and grandchildren.

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It’s good to look back at your family history and see “what are we good at, what do we excel in? and what are the weaknesses? when we understand those same spirits are coming after you, then you can be on guard and be prepared say”no thanks depression, addiction,insecure, anger, bitter, you are not welcome here. 

Don’t let that iniquity continue on, it’s been in your family line but the reason you’re to know this s you can put an end to it.

You’re difference maker, you’re to set a new standard, you’re the exception. There are negative things in our family that we have to say no to that it cannot live in our life.

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We have to kill the anger, the addiction, the unforgiveness, because if we allow this things it will kill our dream , your peace, your freedom and your purpose. Have the courage to stand out against it and put an end to it.

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