Pastor Joyce Meyer – The Journey to Spiritual Maturity (Video)

Founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Pastor Joyce Meyer brings a new message titled “The Journey To Spiritual Maturity ”.

If we want to be where God wants us to be, we need to put in a little more effort. Just praying is not enough, we need to study the bible, we need to cooperate with God, we need to pay attention to our spiritual life if we sin we need to repent and if we hurt someone else we need to apologize.

After we are born again one of the first things we need to do is really understand that God loves us and he have made us right with him, he’s made us holy, he has sanctified us but the Holy Spirit is the agent in sanctification. There are a lot of perfect stuff in us but it’s being perfected in our lives as we grow.

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God has to work with us to first clean up our soul, God uses truth to change us, he’s not mean to us when he corrects us. Correction is a blessing, we should be excited when God corrects us, because that’s one of his ways he shows love, parents that don’t correct their child does not like the child.

We have to grow up, when God corrects us he’s not mean, he doesn’t punish us, he doesn’t beat on us. He has his ways of correcting us, maybe you have a job or friends that are making you to lose connection with God, God will make you to lose the job or the friends.

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Sometimes in our life we fall into a pit and the world does not help us and we need help sometimes even from humans too but only God is the one to save us without judging us. God wants to remove those things in our life that steals from us and our joy. God wants to improve us so that we can grow better.

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