Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo speaks to women in church why they shouldn’t aspire to be like men – A Must Read!

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, the founder of Davids Christian Center spoke to women in the church about why they shouldn’t aspire to be like men.

He said that women are powerful and very gifted and he will always love to work with women. He said that there are just a few men that can match the kind of gift that women have. Women can multitask easily and they think incredibly fast. He said that most of these things are normal to them but they are not normal in most cases. He said that women do not realize that they are specially gifted: the way they process thoughts and see dimensions. They can do multiple things at the same time and he said that most men cannot do those things.

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Speaking further, he said that unfortunately, the devil is telling men lies that they have to try to be like men. According to him, that is a demotion and not a promotion. “You are already a star from creation and trying to be a man is actually reducing yourself,” he said. He then explained that in the book of Genesis, when God created everything, he said that it was good but when he created man he said that it was not good.

God said that it is not good for a man to be alone and he solved the problem by creating a woman. Now, women are now trying to be like men that were not good when God created them. “The solution wants to be the problem,” he said.

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Finally, he advised that you should not allow anybody to make you feel that you need to be a man because you are the solution. You are not a man, you always have different interests, passions, and skill-set.

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