Pastor Kumuyi Reveals 5 Different Ways By Which God Speaks To His People – Check It Out


Pastor Kumuyi While speaking on, “The Promise Of The Lord Without Any Deviation,” gave 5 ways by which God speaks to us and they are:

1. His word

The word of God is a means by which God can speak to us, so it is important that you develop a basic interest in it if you want God to speak to you. You also need to have an understanding of it as you relate those instructions to your personal life.

2. Through Messages

God can also speak to you through messages from any godly means. He could speak to you through Prophets or through circumstances surrounding you. So you have to be attentive and sensitive to get the message.

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3. Choir Ministrations

God could also speak to you through choir ministrations and this is why you need to be very attentive when they are singing. You can experience an encounter through the lyrics of the songs and even the melody. So, stay attentive with faith and God can speak to you through their ministration.

4. Teaching of Sunday Schools & Search the Scriptures

These are short periods of exhortation that prepare you for the Sunday worship service so God can speak to you through that. You just have to utilise every means and be attentive as you expect to hear the voice of God.

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5. Preaching

God can also speak to you through the Sermon of his ministers. The Lord can use them to send words of encouragement, warning and even basic instructions that will change your life. 

Try to be very attentive and expect them to hear from God during a sermon

Finally, he said, “Sometimes, the word of God comes to you directly, only that your name is not written there. 

And at times, you wonder why the message is so conversant with your situation as if the preacher knows you personally. God still speaks today and He has not left us bereft of instructions.”

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