Pastor Kumuyi sends an important warning to pastors who preach only on healing and deliverance – see what he said

Pastor Kumuyi while preaching, sends an important warning to pastors who preach healing and deliverance but abandon the gospel of salvation and repentance. There are people who neglect their salvation but instead focus on casting out devils, healing the sick and prophesying. The other people are looking for the supernatural but are not looking for salvation.

He then said, “There are people and ministers who are joyful and happy because people are getting healed and demons are being cast out and they give more attention to that but they lose their own souls and the souls of the people they’re trying to get over. People are no longer interested in salvation, holiness and living a transparent life instead they are inviting people telling them that “He will heal you, He will deliver you and put money into your pocket.”

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Pastor Kumuyi
Pastor Kumuyi

However, when it is too late for them. They are already at the gate of heaven and by then they cannot repent anymore. “Then will I profess that you depart from me ye that work iniquity.” It is good to go about if we preach what Christ commanded us to preach. The Gospel of Salvation, transformation and changed life. The gospel that prepares people for heaven. It is not just healing, Deliverance and miracle.

Finally, he said, “Looking at the condition of your heart, looking at your disposition, looking at the influence of your life, can you say that you are converted and become as a little child. A little child that is humble, tender, and willing to learn and follow the way of the Lord. Are you as proud and pompous as the traditional Pharisees that will not learn anything from anyone?”

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