Pastor Kumuyi Warns Those Planning A World Tour For No Serious Reason 

Pastor Kumuyi Warns Those Planning A World Tour For No Serious Reason 
Pastor Kumuyi Warns Those Planning A World Tour For No Serious Reason 

Pastor Kumuyi Issues a Warning to Those Planning a World Tour for No Serious Reason 

At the recently finished Global Workers Conference, which was broadcast live from Taraba State, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, talked to his congregation on “The Secret Of Miraculous Answers To Prayer.”

He asserts that following the route of pleasure and material possessions has a detrimental effect on the body and the brain. Anyone who believes they are enjoying themselves by indulging in vices like consuming alcohol and smoking while still alive is actually dead. All of it is degrading and vain. There will come a moment when God will punish everyone and everything. Solomon loved all that his position, wealth, and access to ladies, amusement, and luxury could buy him, but in the end, he came to the conclusion that all of his pleasures were nothing more than vanity on top of vanity.

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Pastor Kumuyi Issues A Caution To Those Planning A World Tour For No Serious Reason 

He said that the term “obsession” refers to anything that takes control of someone’s life and smothers his passion and ambitions, as he spoke about “The Obsession With Later-day Vanities.” Each person has different obsessions.

 After that, he issues a caution to those who are fixated on aimless globetrotting. “Some folks wish to travel the entire planet,” he remarked. Without any real goal or end, he wants to go to every country in the world, and he has no intention of stopping to consider his actions. Everything that weakens the body, dulls the mind, and causes us to lose focus on our purpose for being here on earth must be eliminated. We have enough in God to take up our time, and live a life that is satisfying, profitable and beneficial, and to live to please God in all we do. And you pray to the Lord, your life will turn around and your ministry will change for the better.

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He also cautioned these groups, saying, “The fixation of certain individuals is switching from one lady to another.” A woman from abroad, and another from here. They don’t inquire as to where it is headed. Others are pornographic, and they stay up until the wee hours of the morning searching and viewing on various websites. Some people have a preoccupation with engaging in illicit activity, and they fail to consider their own potential benefits. “They have an addiction, and only God can remove them from it.”

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