Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Reveals Why You Must Meditate Consistently On The Love Of God

If you ask me to describe how it feels like to be worried about something, I’ll tell you to imagine how it’s like when the weather changes before a storm. It starts really small, and then the sky becomes really dark, and then we see the downpour. Worry starts when you focus on a thought, especially the worst case scenarios concerning that thought.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo said that the principle of concentration states that anything you meditate and focus on grows inside and will eventually manifest. From his statement, you can tell that worry is a dangerous thing. It’s just like meditation; you concentrate on a thought, and it grows. The scary thing about worry is that it will manifest outwardly. This is why someone who worries a lot is more likely to get some form of health challenge.

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However, if you want to counter the effects of worry, you can meditate on something else. It takes a thought to kill a thought. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo suggested that you meditate consistently on the love of God, so that you will begin to demonstrate it.

So which would you prefer; the effects that come with worry, or the effects that come with meditating on the love of God? Choose wisely. Be blessed.

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