Pastor Paul Enenche Delivered A Talk On “How Christians Attract Curses To Themselves.”

Pastor Paul Enenche Delivered A Talk On "How Christians Attract Curses To Themselves."
Pastor Paul Enenche Delivered A Talk On "How Christians Attract Curses To Themselves."

During his sermon, Pastor Paul Enenche discussed “How Christians Attract Curses on Themselves.”

First Sunday Service, Glory Dome, Abuja, Dunamis International Gospel Center Dr. Pastor Paul Enenche, founder and senior pastor, lectured on “Eliminating Curses and Establishing Blessings.” Then he discussed the origin of curses and revealed how Christians might bring curses upon themselves. These are:

1. A violation of authority

Adam sinned against God and received the curse. 3:17–19 in Genesis: “Either the curse will come or a person will become cursed if they live a life of disobedience or transgression.” Calamity is the gift of injustice. Disobedience and transgression either draw curses or they stay in place. This is real; a person who steals is living the life of a thief, and both God and the victims of his theft are condemning him.

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Pastor Paul Enenche Delivered A Talk On “How Christians Attract Curses To Themselves.”

2. Transfers that are inherited, hereditary, or generational.

He claimed that when a bad pattern follows a lineage, curses may be drawn to it. You probably recall Abraham’s ancestry. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all spoke lies, claiming that they were Esau, while Abraham claimed that Sarah was his sister. Rachel and Leah were both childless, but God saw that Leah was despised, so He opened her womb while Rachel remained barren. Sarah was barren and unable to conceive on time. Rebecca was barren. It seems as though this was a familial trend.

The inheritance would not go to the first-born boys. Although Isaac came first before Ishmael, Isaac was given the promise. Esau and Jacob, who are descendants of Isaac, are from that place. Esau was the first, but Jacob received the promise. When you return to Jacob’s household, Reuben is the oldest, but he was a worthless child who received nothing from his parents. Therefore, the family’s firstborn didn’t inherit anything. Up until Jacob struggled and shattered it at the end, you can see the process repeating in that sort of family.

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3. A negative or incorrect mindset

A person’s life will be constrained if his or her mentality is flawed. The opponent will perceive you as you perceive yourself. The opponent will ensure your loss if they regard you as defeated. The opponent will confirm your perception that you are a failure. The devil will affirm your viewpoint if you believe that those on your side never succeed or achieve anything. Israel left Egypt, but despite their exodus, Egypt stayed behind, thus they were forced to spend 40 years in the desert.

Finally, you need to modify your perspective right now since the powerful don’t have two heads. You too may move there as the head and not the tail, above alone and never beneath. Those who are successful and in front don’t have two heads.

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