Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals What He Did When His Wife Served Him Small Food During Their Courtship

Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching on the character of Love, revealed what he did when his wife served him small food during their courtship. 

He said, “When we were in courtship, my wife to be then, I visited her in the doctor’s quarters and she served me pounded yam or garri, the food was like half of my fist because she does not eat much. 

So, what she gave me was double of what she would eat and when I looked at it, I asked her; this is for what? What am I to do with this? She said it is your food, I said no, I said if you multiply this thing by 5 or 10, I have not started yet because I don’t eat a lot, but when I eat, I eat, especially at that time. 

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Now, if it is some people, they will be pretending then, I don’t eat too much, they will even leave a portion after they are done, so they can have respect. That was how we settled that matter at that foundation. Just manifest, don’t hide anything. Whatever capacity you have, manifest it.”

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