Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals What He Often Tell Men Who Tell Him That Their Wives’ Look Has Changed  

Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre in the person of Dr. Paul Enenche during the Power Communion Service held at the glory dome, revealed the reason why the appearances of couples become different after their wedding.

During his message about the need to walk in love practically. He noted that It is not what we feel to do, it should be our choice to do so because God commanded us to Walk in love. Even though the situation looks difficult, we should endeavor to share the love in our homes and wherever we find ourselves.

When partners get married, your wife or husband will not look the same as on the day of the wedding. There is room for changes in your spouse’s appearance and Shape, and the reason is a result of the Impact. 

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Impact on the physical appearance, and also from the impact of activities done to ensure the home is together. In his words, he said, “When some people tell me their wives is not looking the way she was looking before. I tell them you are the cause of it. 

It is a result of Impact. The same applies to husbands”.

Pastor Enenche said this does not mean your love for each other should become less, but you should love each other and make sure the bond keeps getting stronger every day.

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