Pastor Paul Enenche Reveals Why Some People Are Unable To Reach Anywhere In Life Despite Their Talent

Dr Pastor Paul Enenche, the founder and senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre spoke on “The Profit Of Godly Character” at the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Power Communion Service.

According to him, character brings favour. He said that Joseph found grace and favour in the house of the Egyptians as a result of his character. Every man of character is a commander of favour. Esther displayed godly character. Esther secured favour by refusing to be greedy and covetous. Godly characters open doors, and bad characters close doors. There are people today whose doors are closed not because the devil was wicked, their doors got closed because their character was bad.

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He said that when they grew up, they were taught that; when an elder comes in, if you’re sitting down you must stand up, that’s how they grew up. But today, that is not the case, there are people seated and the boss is talking and they are still sitting. “There are times when we are talking to our father in the Lord, he’s not watching but atimes, we are on our knees, my wife especially, she’s already on her knees, just on a phone call,” he said.

He then said that that is why some people are where they are today and others are unable to reach anywhere in life. He then said, “I have seen intelligent people stranded for lack of character because character has more marketing power than certificate. I have seen people that graduated with first class honour with a third class character. Show me a woman with quality character, she will have favour with her husband, show me a man with quality character, he will have favour with everybody.”

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