Pastor Paul Enenche Tells Interesting Story Of How God Helped Him To Pass An Exam After He Misunderstood The Question

Pastor Paul Enenche told a funny story of how God Helped him to pass an exam after he misunderstood the question. He said that they asked a question, “write on the autopsy findings of a man dying of primary level cell cancer.” 

When he saw autopsy, he used his English mind, saying that autopsy means the man has died. And since they said, “a man dying,” he wrote, “the man has not died, so what is the need of the autopsy?”

He then said, “When medicine says, it is dying, they are not talking about faith. The real medical practice is that they give you 33 days to live and as far as they are concerned, they are seeing the man with primary cell cancer, he has already died. 

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Because their practice does not give any chance. He said, the man is dying, I said, the man hasn’t died. You want to do autopsy, autopsy means the cause of death, what killed the man and you say the man is dying, he hasn’t died, so no need for the autopsy. That was what I answered – one line.”

He then said that that mark carried 25 per cent and there is no way you will fail it and pass that exam. When he came outside the exam hall and he realized what has happened, he began to look for a revelation that can bail him out and he realized that God wrote the ten commandments with His finger. 

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“The Bible says He has a pen; a pen of a ready Writer and I said, “Lord, You know I know the answer, the challenge was that I misunderstood the question. I am not asking You to do any other thing for me other than the answer You know I would have answered, help me write it please,” he said.

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