Pastor Paul Enenche Tells Story Of How A Boy Became A Serial Killer After He Was Mocked By His Classmates

Pastor Paul Enenche while preaching on the Hindrances to Love life, he shared a story of a little boy who was in a classroom in the UK, who a teacher asked a question. 

And While he gave an answer that is not related to the question, the whole class laughed at him. Speaking further Pastor Enenche said “He had a sister in the same class, and when he looked towards the sister for affirmation that if everybody is laughing at him, at least his sister should be on his side. 

Unfortunately for him, the sister was also laughing at him. So when he realized this, he immediately ran out of the class. And then, that became the last time he would be in a class with humans.He then later become a serial killer. 

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And then the boy said “human beings are bad, they’re wicked. If my sister can mock me and laugh at me and reject me then no human being can be trusted.

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