Pastor Steven Furtick – “Don’t Give in to Your Struggle” (Video)

The lead pastor and founder of Elevation Church, Pastor Steven Furtick delivers a new message titled “Don’t Give In To Your Struggle”.

Sometimes as humans, we have problems like addiction, anxiety struggle and we feel like we can’t handle them and we decide to surrender to them, we tend to look for a way to take care of that, however, God knows that we have dark days but he did not want us to give in to it.

When you struggle you have to trust God, don’t accept that struggle as the norm of your life just because it, just because you can name the struggle (anxiety, addiction, debts). It’s becoming really popular for us to just accept our struggle like “oh, i have anxiety.

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I can’t go there”, well if you have anxiety get a treatment, get some help, get a therapy, learn mechanism, start studying about how to handle the situations, little by little you will overcome the struggle and then you can be able to possess the peace that God has promised us.

Struggle is not surrender, struggle means “i’m coming out of this, i’m moving forward from this”, when you trust in God you will be able to break it in the name of Jesus.

In the process of you trying to break your struggle, that’s where the power is, that’s where we get stronger and you have to believe that you won’t die in this, if God didn’t bring it to you.

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We are anointed to overcome our struggle, that’s what the spirit of God is, that’s what the grace is for, the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit is to help us out.

When you have an addiction maybe to drugs or porn, you don’t have to like it, is not a permission for you to lose to it for the rest of your life, you can beat it and you can overcome it with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Watch video below;

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