Pastor Tony Rapu Biography, Age, Net-worth, And Ministry

Pastor Tony Rapu Biography, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry
Pastor Tony Rapu Biography, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

Pastor Tony Rapu’s age, ministry, net worth, and biography


Dr. Tony Rapu is the Senior Pastor of the House of Freedom and a physician, filmmaker, and life coach.

His goal is to reach out to various demographics through well-planned interventions in order to bring about developmental change in people’s lives and communities. He has created original approaches and remedies for problems including drug addiction, urban poverty, and community development. He does this as chairman of the board of trustees for the Freedom Foundation, he does this task. Through his mission and ministry, he continues to give many individuals purpose, empowerment, and the opportunity for life-changing experiences.

Pastor Tony Rapu Biography, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

The Freedom Foundation led by Dr. Tony Rapu engages three basic projects which include


Dr. Tony Rapu got married to Miss Nkoyo Bassey in 1987 and their union is blessed with three children.

Pastor Tony Rapu Biography, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

Shelter House

The House of Refuge (HOR) is a drug treatment and resource center that specializes in meeting the needs of people who are drug and alcohol dependent. constructed in 2006. For people battling with alcoholism and addiction to other drugs such as prescription drugs, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, codeine, etc., HOR offers medically assisted detoxification. With a facility that serves both men and women, HOR also helps drug-dependent people reintegrate into society and gives them the life skills they need to take charge of their future.

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At the House of Refuge we understand it is not a ‘one size fits all approach’ to drug/alcohol problems. We follow this through by providing a comprehensive, world class, evidence-based and holistic drug and alcohol dependency treatment for drug and alcohol dependent persons in Nigeria, including but not limited to detoxification, medical treatment, follow-up, counselling, psychotherapy etc.

Our programs are tailored to deliver client – specific solutions in an intensively therapeutic and highly supportive environment. Our programs include:

    Assessment and Evaluation
    Drug screening
    Medically Assisted Detoxification
    Individualized management
    Out-patient rehabilitation services
    In-patient rehabilitation services

    Family Support / Therapy
    Interpersonal Therapy
    Group therapy
    Occupational therapy
    Personalized after-care
    Substance Abuse Prevention Education

We strive to ensure that the ‘WHOLE’ man is catered for throughout the process to guarantee sustainable outcomes.

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We employ a “multidisciplinary” team to help our clients improve their behaviors and develop internal skills in order to achieve this.

To help our clients concentrate on our program and to ensure their privacy is respected, House of Refuge (HOR) has a residential facility that is peaceful and free from distractions.

At HOR, our clients can participate in counselling, psychotherapy, anger management, spiritual discipleship, and life skills training. Our methodology is Christ-centered. However, we accept clients of all beliefs and faiths. Our goal is to ensure that we are able to respond to a wide range of needs from medical, psychosocial, physical, mental, spiritual and behavioral.

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3. Bethesda Foster Care

Bethesda fosters a supportive environment for the growth of disadvantaged and impoverished kids because, when they are loved and supported, there is no telling what they can achieve.
He also has an interest in Genesis House, a residential rehabilitation facility that offers young women who have experienced sexual abuse and exploitation behavioral, emotional, social, and educational reform.

Dr. Tony Rapu is also the director of the House of Refuge Project, a program that gives homeless drug addicts a place to live while also rehabilitating and reintegrating them into society by giving them the life skills they need to take charge of their future.

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