Pastor Tunde Bakare Biography, Wikipedia, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

Pastor Tunde Bakare Biography, Wikipedia, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

Biography, Wikipedia, net worth, and ministry of pastor Tunde Bakare

Early years

Pastor Tunde Bakare is a Nigerian prophetic-apostolic leader who was born on November 11, 1954. He allegedly preached sermons that were critical of Olusegun Obasanjo, the country’s then-president, and was then detained in March 2002. When Nigerian presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari ran for office in 2011, Bakare was his running partner. Until he left to join the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he was a member and served as legal counsel for the Deeper Life Bible Church. There, he became a pastor and built the Model Parish before being called to found the Latter Rain Assembly. Later, Global Citadel Community Church was given the moniker Latter Rain Assembly (CGCC).

The Guardian listed Bakare as one of Nigeria’s most powerful pastors in terms of politics.

According to Bakare, he was a Muslim from birth but switched to Christianity in 1974.

Pastor Tunde Bakare Biography, Wikipedia, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

Bakare attended Lisabi Grammar School in Abeokuta after All Saints Primary School in Kemta, Abeokuta, and between 1977 and 1980, he studied law at the University of Lagos. After serving his NYSC, he was admitted to the bar in 1981 and began practicing law with Burke & Co., Solicitors, Rotimi Williams & Co., and Gani Fawehinmi Chambers. In October 1984, he founded Tunde Bakare & Co. (El-Shaddai Chambers), his own legal practice.

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At the height of his legal career, in May 1988, he received a call to the ministry. On April 1, 1989, he started The Latter Rain Assembly (End-Time Church), which is now known as The Citadel Global Community Church (CGCC). He is currently the church’s serving overseer.

He is the head of the Global Apostolic Impact Network (GAIN), a group of churches, ministries, and companies dedicated to spreading the rule of God on earth. In addition, Dr. Bakare serves as the president of Latter Rain Ministries, Inc. (Church Development Center), an organization dedicated to returning the modern church to its biblical foundation. Under the direction of his mentor, Dr. Lester Sumrall, he received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Indiana Christian University in 1996.

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Pastor Tunde Bakare Biography, Wikipedia, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry


Miyetti Allah is criticized by Bakare, who claims that the Fulani herdsmen are a band of terrorists who rape, kill, and kidnap defenseless villagers.

The remarks Bakare made about Fulani herdsmen were denounced by several Fulani Islamic scholars as being Islamophobic.

In the past, Bakare claimed that Fulani herders were pushing Nigeria into civil war.

Bakare announced his intention to run for president following the conclusion of Muhammadu Buhari’s second term in 2023 after the general election in Nigeria in 2019.

Pan-Nigerianism on the political level is supported by Bakare.

Bakare declared in 2018 that he would launch the “New Nigeria Progressive Movement,” his own political party.

Pastor Tunde Bakare Biography, Wikipedia, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

Because their followers frequently fail to hold them accountable, according to Bakare, many pastors in Nigeria get away with making “false predictions.” However, Bakare came under fire for saying in a sermon in 2006 that Muhammadu Buhari would make a poor president of Nigeria, despite accepting the opportunity to run as Buhari’s running mate in the 2011 election.

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Pastor Tunde Bakare Biography, Wikipedia, Net-worth, Age, And Ministry

When he declared, “I will succeed Buhari as President of Nigeria, nothing can change that,” Tunde Bakare made it clear to churchgoers that he intended to be the country’s next leader in 2019. Buhari is ranked 15, while I am ranked 16. I’ve never said it to you before. Nothing can stop me from saying it at this moment. In the name of Jesus, he (Buhari) is number 15. I’m the sixteenth. I entered the world with this goal in mind when I was born. I have spent more than 30 years preparing you for this. Politicians like Ikechukwu Amaechi claimed the preacher had previously made a prophecy as a result of this.

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