Pastor Victoria Osteen Reveals Why Believers Need to be Contented Always (Video)

Wife of Pastor Joel Osteen, founder of Lakewood church Victoria Osteen while preaching on Contentment, disclosed the it is a State of mind.

She says sometimes we do not realize the reason why we are not contented with ourselves, we just think there is something more that we need and we are always looking for it. Maybe we are struggling to get that promotion, you are working hard at work and you do not feel satisfied.

Sometimes we think we need something, so we go after it.  But that can not fill that space. The only thing that can fill that space is JESUS and God inside of us. We used to going so fast that we forget what the source of our meaning, strength and our purpose.

Some people look to alcohol because it numbs them and take their mind out of their problem. Sometimes we are looking for distractions to make us forget what is going on inside of us. Sometimes social media can be a great distraction, you can forget all your problems and check out someone else life. 

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It is bad if we went on social media for the wrong reason. We can become sad and depressed. After all, we can check other people’s great life and we might feel like we are missing out on all the good things in the world. 

Comparing their life with your worst life.

Do not run after something else, looking for something to fill the space because only Jesus can fill the space.

It does not matter if you are successful, you need to find contentment, because sometimes we think “if something happen that it will make you  happy”

You might feel like when you get “house, money, promotion” that it will make you successful but that is not true.

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“Contentment is powerful state of being”

But you know what? Success is always moving, If you are chasing success you will never catch up with it cause it is always moving, You can never have enough,

Remember that the only thing that can fill the space is Jesus Christ. 

And when you are feeling anxious, restless, discontent be encourage with the words from Apostle Paul in Philippian 4 “i know what it is to be in need and i know what it is to have plenty, i have learned the secret of being content in every situation and now am gonna share it with you “i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Learn to be content in all situation because when you are contented you are powerful.

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Philippian 4 “Do not be anxious for anything but by prayer and petition with thanksgiving in your heart let your request be made known to God and peace of God”

Give thanks in all things.  Contentment  is not complacency ,you should be ambitious, you should want to succeed, you should want to have purpose  for Christ Jesus. God have put that purpose in us, He said “have dominion subdue your situation”.

It is not complacency but the problem is if you can not enjoy where you are right now and what you have right now, that is not the best for your  life. Be contented and hope on God for better life and enjoy now while waiting for the future.

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